Andrew started in the pizza business in 1984 with one store. By 1998 he had 18 stores, ranging from Washington to California. It took him years to develop the perfect recipe for his sauce, calzone mix, dough, and Caesar dressing. The original name was Tony Maroni’s, but as local residents of Sammamish we wanted to give this store more personal connection with the community, hence the name  “Pine Lake – True Italian Pizzeria”.

Andrew learned to cook from his Sicilian father, who never owned his own store, but always volunteered to cook for the local events in his home town of Monterey, California. The picture that you see above is of Andrew’s father and friends cooking for a church function. He loved to cook and was very proud of Andrew when he decided to start his own restaurant business. Andrews father passed on in 1998 and his grandson and namesake, Joseph, joined the business that same year.

Pictured below are Andrew with his 3 sons, Joseph, Brandon, and Andrew Jr., wife Leola, and the rest of the Pine Lake family. All take pride in the family business and help out when needed.  Pine Lake True Italian Pizzeria strives to provide the best pizza that you’ve ever tasted and are determined to become the “go to” spot for Classic Italian Pizza for residents within the Pine Lake, Samammish, and surrounding areas!